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We value sportsmanship, inclusion, and achievement through teamwork and collaboration.

TASIS Sports Ethos/Philosophy on Competition and Student-Athlete Development

Ethos: The characteristic spirit of a culture, era, or community as manifested in its attitudes and aspirations.

Philosophy: An attitude held by a coach that acts as the guiding principle for the training and development of an athlete or team.

Sport plays an important role in the TASIS England Mission to nurture and embolden each learner to flourish as a principled, open-minded, and compassionate member of a global community. We believe sport develops students' confidence and resilience through physical, technical, social, and mental stimulus, while providing exposure to teamwork and leadership opportunities. At the core of our co-curricular program is a team-sports ethos, promoting physical health, social interaction, and providing every student with the opportunity to participate in their chosen sport and to represent the School in a positive manner. 

In our sports program, players and coaches all enjoy winning but not at any cost. Long-term player development is our primary focus and the development of each individual is equally important to team development. TASIS England coaches are not judged by their win-loss record but by how they teach and engage with student-athletes to support their athletic development and, at the same time, teach them the importance of winning or losing with grace, respect, and dignity. The score of a game is no more valued than the quality of play, the amount of improvement we see, or evidence of the athletes trying their best. This is not to take away from the importance of the result of the match because we unashamedly like to win! Coaches are encouraged not to sacrifice the development of any one student over another and/or seek victory for themselves. We are always mindful of trying to achieve positive outcomes for the team, the School, and each student-athlete involved. 

Like any sports program, there is a focus on developing students' technical and physical skills/attributes, but also a clear aim to develop athletes in psychological, tactical, and social areas as well. Lots of our experienced coaches were/are elite athletes themselves, so they understand the balance between short- and long-term results with regards to athlete development. Development at TASIS England is just as much about coaching the individual as it is about coaching the team.

Ultimately, our goals as a sports department are: 

  • For every student to leave TASIS England with the confidence, passion, and fundamental skills that help to foster a life-long love of sport. 
  • For our students to be able to walk into their next school, college, or university and genuinely look forward to playing sport no matter their age, ability, or experience. 
  • To be able to create solid foundations for every one of our students to not only recognize and enjoy the benefits of sport, but to learn vital life skills such as teamwork, empathy, communication, and persistence. 

Striving to achieve these aims for all of our students is how we recognize true success for our sports/activities program. 

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