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Nerve Impulses? It's all part of a day's learning!
Posted 19/12/2019 04:49PM
IB Biology Higher Level students learned about "Movement" and how animals use their muscles and their skeleton to complete complex coordinated tasks. To demonstrate the difference in human and cat jump heights we had a special guest, Olly the cat, who showed off his ability to jump five times his own height. Olly was not harmed in the experiment and enjoyed the attention of the captivated students and a different environment in which to explore and show off his jumping skills.

At the end of class, students stimulated muscular contractions using Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) to demonstrate how nerve impulses trigger muscular contractions. One willing student was eager to test it out and share his experiences with the class. All this (and more!) in Dr. McGregor Dallas' Biology class!
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