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Girls Scouts Master Camping and Outdoor Skills
Posted 27/03/2019 01:39PM

The 6th Grade Girl Scout troop had a very successful outdoor adventure over one weekend in March. The girls initiated and planned the entire trip themselves. Their challenge: spend 24 hours outside and divide up responsibilities for researching and teaching the others about shelter, water, food, and clothing in survival situations.

While they did sleep in a tent overnight, they constructed a shelter between trees to give them protection while they prepared their food. They started a fire without matches, cooked their meals, and participated in various games and challenges.

One of the highlights, according to two of the participants, was learning to light a fire with flint and steel. "It's all in the technique," explained Emma, one of the Girl Scouts. Another added that persistence was key in starting a fire: "We tried quite a few times, but we didn't give up, and eventually we got the fire started," said Alice.

Another highlight of the weekend was learning their knots. Grace mentioned how much she enjoyed working through the various knots and learning what they are used for.

Discovering "backpackers stew" – a mix of meat (optional), vegetables, and spices – cooked in an aluminum foil pocket over the campfire coals was also a delicious adventure for many of the Girl Scouts.

Their outdoor endeavor solidified their abilities to work well together and find solutions to various challenges. They demonstrated resilience, robustness, and a fabulous positive spirit. Well done 6th Grade Girl Scout troop!


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