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Middle School celebrated the European Day of Languages 2018
Posted 16/10/2018 04:00PM

TASIS has an extensive international community. We embrace and support diversity and inclusion, and we respect other cultures and their particular ways of living. Recently our Middle School celebrated the European Day of Languages with a special Town Hall meeting--a student-led assembly celebrating the different languages represented in our Middle School.  As usual, we started the meeting by reading the daily announcements, but to everyone's surprise, it wasn't in English!  Some parts were in Spanish, some in French, and some even in Kazakh!  After figuring out what it all meant, the students leading the Town Meeting asked all students and staff who speak a language other than English to come up on the stage.  It was impressive to see how many languages are represented in our Middle School Community; approximately one-third of our students speak at least one language in addition to English!  We finished the Town Meeting by learning to say "hello" and "thank you" in all the different languages. It was a simple but fantastic opportunity for both learning and celebration. (Thank you to Mrs. Wagner for the pictures)

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