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A Math Genius!
Posted 05/09/2018 01:14PM

Alameer, Grade 12, became a "celebrity" this summer in the Royal Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for winning a gold certificate in the UK Math Trust Challenge (UKMT). Not only that, Alameer was the best in the year group!
Over the summer break, @saudinews50 heard of his great achievement as it represented Saudi Arabia in a great light and decided to tell his story. The whole nation was very proud that one of their students would do so well. Alameer received many commendations from princes, ministers, and governmental officials of Saudi Arabia. He did not waste time during the summer. Alameer went to Harvard Summer School where he studied political philosophy & principles of macroeconomics and got grades of A & A-, respectively.
And if this was not enough, he completed an internship with the Saudi Chamber of Commerce this summer.

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