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"A Question of Balance" – a photography exhibition by Madeleine (Grade 12)
Posted 17/05/2018 02:02PM

"This is my third year of taking Photography at TASIS England. Having an exhibition of my own has been something that I have been hoping to put together, and was made possible this year with the help and support of the wonderful Visual Arts department! Within my work I find simple light and shadow to be the most interesting things to work with because of the beauty they can create so easily. All the work I had produced this year had an underlying theme of balance, whether it be between the light and shadow on the subject or the composition of the piece. In putting this show together it has really shown me what can be done with photography. Curating my own exhibition brought to light a different side of my work that I had never seen before, but that I absolutely love and look forward to continuing with!" This is what Madeleine told us about her great exhibition, which is on display in the Gym Corridor and the Upper History Hallway until the end of June. Good job Maddy!

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