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TASIS Team Triumphs in 2018 Computing Challenge!
Posted 06/05/2018 11:40PM

In April, TASIS England proudly hosted the 2018 TASIS Computing Challenge. The event – first of its kind in this area – was the brainchild of Upper School Computer Science teacher Jerry Kearns. Eighteen students from ACS Cobham, ASL, and TASIS England participated in the competition, designed to see which team could solve the most computing challenges in a given period of time. Of the seven teams vying for the top score, TASIS teammates Desmond K. and Nathan R. took the honors, and were named the first-place Varsity winners.

Mr. Kearns commented, “It was great fun! Lots of strategy and drama – whether to go for the most difficult problems worth the most points, or go after more, smaller, easier problems. Seeing first-year TASIS Computer Science students do so well was amazing. We are planning to make it an annual event and students are already planning for next year."

Competitor Maya N.was equally enthusiastic, saying "I had a great experience with the 2018 TASIS Computing Challenge. For us students, the challenge presented an incredible opportunity to put our coding knowledge to the test whilst enjoying the company of like-minded students from other schools. I think that the challenge also provided a significant window for appreciating coding and fostering a sense of community amongst those of us celebrating it, which unfortunately is a relatively rare occurrence when it comes to computer science in schools. I sincerely hope that I will be chosen to represent TASIS again at the 2019 Computing Challenge!"


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