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  Welcome to the Lyle Rigg Library 

Current enrolled students can access the US Library LMS pages (including the Library catalog and subscription databases) by logging into the myTASIS link using their LMS credentials. 

About the Library

The Upper School Library was dedicated to Mr. Lyle Rigg, our longest serving Headmaster at TASIS England, on May 14, 2012.

 (click on the image for further information on the Spalding Collection displayed in the Library)

Welcome to the TASIS England Upper School Library.

Originally designed by ecclesiastical architect Sir John Ninian Comper and built in 1907 by W. Newberry in Feltham, the Chapel was later moved and rebuilt in its present location in 1931 by the then order of Anglican nuns, the Convent of St. Mary the Virgin. 

Prior to housing the Rigg Library, the Chapel was first used as the school theatre (until 1993) then as the Admission Office (until 2012). 

The Library is open throughout and beyond the school day, from 8 a.m. to 9:30p.m. We will be supporting you in your studies throughout your time at TASIS England, and aim to help you become effective users of information.

Further information regarding the history of the Chapel, or of any of the other buildings of the TASIS England campus, can be found in this excellent book The Heart of Thorpe written by a former TASIS teacher, Dr. J. Lander.  Dr Lander taught at TASIS for over 30 years. A copy of this book is available from the Library.

The Library has a comprehensive collection of over 14,000 books for academic and recreational reading, as well as a selection of US and UK magazines and newspapers. In addition, the Library subscribes to a wide range of databases accessible to the TASIS England community.

Most resources may be borrowed or are accessible online, both at school and from home. Students must use a username/ password when connecting to the databases outside school.

Summer Reading 2019

All Upper School students are required to fulfil a summer reading requirement prior to the commencement of the next academic year.

These texts will be addressed in class, and students are assessed on them in the opening weeks of the school year.

The texts provide a focus at the beginning of the year and address many of the themes that will become central to their respective courses.

The books are readily available at most major bookstores, online and can be borrowed from the US Library.

Please feel free to contact the Admissions Office if you have any questions regarding the summer reading.

Students can access the complete summer reading list and reading guiding questions from the Library LMS pages by logging into the myTASIS  link using the their LMS credentials. 

Happy Reading!

G.K. Chesterton Collection


Following on from Dr. Michael Aeschliman's lecture on G.K. Chesterton Monday 8th December 2014, Dr Aeschliman has kindly donated some 70 books and journals and two portraits of G.K. Chesterton from his personal collection by or about Chesterton to the US Library. 

For a complete list of books available to borrow, please contact the US Librarian.

Click HERE to access the new G.K. Chesterton Library website.

To receive regular updates, you are recommended to sign up to the Chesterton newsletter. For more information, select the Mailing List tab from the website.

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