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Lower School Sports & Activities 2018-19

Fall Season

Winter Season

Spring Season

September 10 - November 1

November 26 – February 28

March 25 – May 16

Operating on the same trimester basis as the Upper and Middle School programs the Lower School Sports/Activities Club Program will offer the following options to students. Students will be given the opportunity to select a club at the beginning of each trimester. The activities may change depending upon faculty interest and expertise.

Kids Corner

Basketball Club

Outdoor/Indoor Games

Science Club


Theatre Club

Cookery Club

Soccer Club

Wildlife Club


  1. Lower School Clubs are offered Monday through Friday. The majority of clubs have a charge attached. These are made clear on the trimester registration form.
  2. Students in Grades K–4 have the option of participating in the Lower School Sports/Activities Club Program.
  3. Lower School students may also elect to participate in the Intramural Sports Program (Grades K–8) which offers soccer/tennis (Fall), basketball (Winter), and tennis/soccer (Spring). The Intramural Sports Program meets on a Saturday morning.
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