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Warm and welcoming, our worldly community and family atmosphere prepares our students for a pluralistic society.

Becoming a Buddy Family   

We can all remember the many challenges of an international move and TASIS takes pride in offering a program that has helped so many of our incoming families transition more easily.

The Buddy Family program matches a new TASIS family with a family currently enrolled at TASIS who has volunteered to act as a resource for their transition into the community.

Families are usually matched according to the age and gender of at least one of the children attending TASIS or, in some cases, because they live in the same town or in close proximity to each other.

Whether you are still considering becoming a Buddy Family or you have already been matched with a new TASIS family, the information below will provide you with some suggestions on how to help make the transition easier.

  • Please contact your family as soon as possible bearing in mind what a tremendous resource you can be even before their move takes place.
  • When you make your initial contact, say “Hello,” and welcome them to TASIS, encourage them to use you not only now but as a resource throughout the year to answer any questions they might have.
  • Let your family know what supplies or equipment they should consider bringing in their shipment. They may be interested in knowing what dietary products are not available here and they should consider bringing with them.
  • Invite the new family to share a meal, meet for coffee, or set up a play date with their children.
  • During the course of the year, check in with your family and see how things are going. Make sure your new family is aware of certain TASIS events like divisional coffees, PIRC Seminars, Parents' Association events and even explain some additional dates like “Rags and Tags” days.
  • Encourage involvement in various TASIS social/ PIRC activities and American Women's Club meetings/activities. (It is always a nice gesture to drive, or arrange transportation, for your buddy family to the first fall AWBS meeting.)
  • Mark your calendar with important dates and upcoming events for the Fall. These are a great way to get your Buddy Family connected to the community and help them feel welcome.
    • New Family Picnic - Sunday before Registration Day
    • Registration Day
    • PIRC Orientation Seminar and Parents' Association Luncheon
    • PIRC Networking and Resources Seminar
    • AWBS September Meeting
  • If the matches of the children aren't ideal, put them in contact with someone who has age appropriate children, trying to be gender specific.
  • If the neighborhood match isn't ideal, put the family in contact with someone willing to help in their area (this doesn't mean “giving away” your family, but simply giving them another resource). The more people they know and are introduced to, the more comfortable they will feel.
If you are interested in volunteering to become a Buddy Family or if you would like any additional information, please contact the TPA Hospitality Chair at

Thank you for your participation in this wonderful program!
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