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Warm and welcoming, our worldly community and family atmosphere prepares our students for a pluralistic society.


TASIS England Parent Association (TPA) 

Connecting the TASIS Community:  Parents, Teachers, Students and Administration.

The TASIS England Parent Association (TPA) is a group of volunteer parents working together to promote close relationships within the school community and to facilitate communication between the parents, students, faculty, staff and administration.

The TPA enables all members of the TASIS England community to enrich their time in England and at the school in several ways:  

Connecting the community through the Buddy Family Program, Saturday Intramural Sports program,  Teacher Appreciation Luncheon, Teacher Appreciation Week, Pub Lunches, Divisional Coffees and other social events.

Communicating through the Parents' website, weekly e-mails, bi-monthly executive board meetings and the other school publications.

Enhancing the school environment through fund raising activities such as the sale of TASIS England merchandise and spiritware, holiday greens sale, social events and sports concessions. The funds raised throughout the year help provide the school and faculty with those "extras" not allocated in the annual school budget.

TPA works in close collaboration with the TASIS England Administration and with PIRC, the Parents' Information and Resource Committee, which offers settling-in seminars, coffees and library resources throughout the school year to help families transition.

TPA Coordinates several key programs and events throughout the year


The TPA is involved throughout the year supporting the boarding students and their parents in various ways. We have a dedicated Boarding Parent Representative on the TPA Board to assist with communication between the boarding families, with both day families and the school.

Currently, you can volunteer to bake a cake for the boarders birthday by sending an email to This is our way to make them feel supported by the TASIS community. TPA encourages day families to donate undistributed Halloween Candy from Trunk or Treat to the boarding students.

The day community also helps support our boarding students through our FABS (Families Assisting Boarding Students) program.  A day family can "adopt" a boarding student who is interested in additional support from a local family. FABS are asked to provide care packages during move in and exam weeks and to invite your adopted boarding student to your house for a home cooked meal.

Day families are encouraged to invite boarding students to spend some time off campus, in their homes. This is especially encouraged over Thanksgiving weekend. Inviting a boarder over to your house is easy. During daytime you do not need any permission, provided that the students return to campus by the deadlines (11:30 on Friday and Saturday and by 7:00 on Sunday).

If you invite the student for a sleepover, you need to submit an invitation to the school via email ( or or phone no later than than 5:00 p.m. on the Thursday preceding the weekend.

Subject to:

  • The boarding student must submit an application form to the Upper School Office by 9:45 a.m.
  • Written parental permission to the school by the boarding family
  • On the understanding that an approved adult chaperone will be present, the school will allow the overnight travel permission. 

New initiatives from the TPA are coming soon...  Look for these in the near future.



Every August, the TPA Family Picnic allows new families to meet and socialize with other new and returning families.  It provides a venue where new families can meet and learn more about the resources available in the TASIS community.  Children can enjoy games and activities as well as tour the school and meet their fellow classmates.  Volunteers are needed to coordinate, sign in attendees and help to oversee various parts of the event.


Held before school starts in various neigborhoods where our families live and throughout the school year, these popular lunches are a great way to meet other TASIS England parents who live near you.  These are always a great opportunity to meet new families who have joined the TASIS community.


The Sports Services team promotes team spirit by selling snacks and drinks during TASIS home sporting events, acting as 'team parents' for the TASIS sports teams and assisting the Intramural Sports Program.  A team of volunteers are responsible for coordinating snack items, assisting the Intramural Sports Program (i.e. coach) and housing visiting athletes.


Throughout the year, all new TASIS families are assigned a "buddy family".  The buddy family is available to help the new family adjust to living in the UK and feel a part of the greater TASIS community.  Typically, buddy families will have children of a similar age and gender as the new family.


The TASIS Spirit Store sells TASIS logo merchandise to promote school spirit! The store is located above the small gym and is open at various times throughout the year and during special events.  Volunteers are needed to sell merchandise during the days when the store is open and help manage inventory.


This popular event celebrates the cultural diversity of the TASIS school community.  The International Festival features foods from around the world to sample, music and dancing, native costumes, and international crafts. Parents help represent countries and country tables, as well as general coordination.


Every October, Trunk-or-Treat provides some good ol' American Halloween fun, as Lower School to 6th Grade children go trick or treating from one decorated car to another in the TASIS parking lot.  Volunteers help coordinate the promotion and safe fun during this event.


Every December the halls of TASIS are decked with boughs of holly and other festive, seasonal decorations.  Volunteers help put up and take down holiday decorations.


TASIS parents show their appreciation to TASIS teachers, staff and administration by hosting a week long celebration, the highlight of which is the annual TASIS Appreciation Luncheon.  Teacher classrooms and faculty lounges are decorated for the week and special snacks or treats are provided on different days of the week.  Volunteers help decorate, deliver snacks and gifts and provide the food for the TASIS Appreciation Luncheon.


Every other year, the TPA helps to coordinate the annual fundraising event hosts. This could be a Quiz Night, Casino Night, Wine Tasting or anything we can come up with. This event fosters community spirit among the parents and raises funds for TASIS programs. Volunteers are needed to pull this great event off.


Mayfair is a spring celebration fair with games and entertainment for TASIS children and a craft sale with local vendors who sell unique gifts.  Volunteers are needed to help coordinate all elements of the craft sale.  Proceeds go to charities selected by TASIS students.
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