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Early Years at TASIS

Our Early Years program is committed to focusing on the whole child and the active exploration of the world around us.

The Early Years Program (ages 3-5)

Children in our Early Years Program learn in a rich and stimulating environment which fuels enthusiasm for learning. Child-centered learning is at the heart of what we do and we recognize that a young child’s development, learning, and play is holistic.

The main goal of the program is to provide each child with a sound educational foundation, while also developing a sense of responsibility, independence, compassion, fairness and respect for self and others.

Language Arts

Speaking, Understanding, and Listening

Students practice listening to one another, taking turns in class discussions, expressing opinion, holding a conversation, narrating a well-known poem or story

Phonemic Awareness
The children begin to learn how to rhyme, break down words into syllables, learn the alphabet and the sounds that each letter makes. They begin to put consonant-vowel-consonant words together and sound out and blend to write and read new words.

Instructors introduce an awareness of books and help develop an awareness of print. Students use illustrations to help to tell a story and to recognize the beginning, middle, and end. They identify a story’s setting along with its characters and their roles. They also recognize and read familiar words.

Students develop an awareness of print marking, dictating a sentence or caption to match an illustration. They learn how to hold a pencil correctly, using the tripod grasp, and practice fine motor skills such as tracing. They begin to form and write letters correctly, including writing their own names with the correct uppercase and lowercase letters.

Social Studies

In the Early Years program, a wide range of historical and geographical themes are covered, which allow students to learn about the world they live in and what has happened in the past. These themes include:
  • Famous people from the past
  • Important events and festivals
  • The chronology of our lives
  • Landmarks
  • Maps
  • Different types of environments


We help  students build on their natural curiosity and their desire to explore as they look at mathematical concepts. They work with concrete objects and pictures as they learn to recognize similarities and differences, classify objects and shapes, recognize and create patterns, and develop measurement skills.


As our young students begin to explore and learn about their world, they are introduced to a systematic way to look at, describe, and explain the world around them.

Concepts & Topics

  • The Five Senses and learning how humans use them
  • The names of our main body parts and internal organs
  • How we grow and what we need to keep healthy
  • The life cycle of an animal
  • How to care for plants, observing their growth, and learning about the life cycle
  • The basic properties of water, air, and light
  • Observing, describing, and recording characteristics of the weather and seasons
  • The importance of conservation, how energy can be saved, and how many items can be recycled
  • Observing, describing, and recording the effects of magnets on various objects and other magnets
The TASIS Early Years curriculum begins with learning and exploration through play. Our young students are encouraged to use their natural curiosity to investigate and discover the world. In addition to mathematics, science, social studies, and literacy, developing coordination, and social and emotional skills, is practiced and embedded into daily routines. In this way, children flourish and gain confidence as they grow. Students also enjoy exploring the arts, including music, throughout the day.
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