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TASIS Students Present Posters at American Association of Physics Teachers' Summer Meeting
Posted 15/04/2016 03:30PM

Physics teacher Scott Dudley accompanied a team of three TASIS upper school students to the University of Maryland in July. There, the group presented posters depicting their findings on two projects to the American Association of Physics Teachers at their Summer Meeting 2015. The presentations were well-received, and the students enjoyed the opportunity to speak with the physicists about their projects. Inspired by their success, the team is submitting another poster for this summer’s conference.

The following is excerpted from an article published in the Itsallphysics blog:.

“TASIS rising junior Francesco I. presented two posters coauthored with rising seniors Sidney M. and Rachel M. and physics teacher Scott Dudley. Their first poster, “The Smart Mass,” showed how to use a smartphone as the moving mass in a physical system. Combining the mass of the phone with data from its internal accelerometers, one can know the entire right hand side of Newton’s second law, F=ma, or “force equals mass times acceleration”. This means the mass also knows the net force on it, making it one “smart mass”!

The first person to speak with Francesco was Chrystian Vieyra, the author of the Physics Toolbox app, which was used for data collection off the Android devices. Francesco showed Chrystian useful features to include in the app that he had coded in Mathematica, and we hope he’s able to include them in future releases.

The second poster, titled “Experiment-based Test Problems”, used two example test questions shown alongside actual data for such questions. This highlighted the fact that for many questions data hasn’t actually been taken. With data, as the authors have taken and shown, the question’s shortcomings are brought to the forefront. The problems on the poster involve an Atwood’s machine and standing wave resonances in an open tube, but the coauthors are exploring a half dozen such questions. Again, interest in the poster was good including a representative from the Educational Testing Services who enjoyed seeing the AP Physics example discussed. 

The posters attracted over forty people with interested questions, and the students are considering future work along these lines of exploration. Francesco, Sidney, and Rachel showed great curiosity, extending themselves beyond the course outline, including taking data in their free time at school and at home, and even coming to the classroom during the summer for a couple days to flesh out the posters. All in all it was a great experience, and a fun time interacting with physicists and the physics community!” 

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