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"Remember, Remember the Fifth of November..."
Posted 05/11/2014 03:35PM


Lower school children learn the history of Guy Fawkes Night through science. 

Combining history with science, lower school science teacher, Ms. Railey, introduced the science behind the spectrum of flashing colors students might see at a fireworks display in celebration of Guy Fawkes Night.

In this lab, pre-kindergarten children learned how to use pipettes to add different types of food coloring to oil and then added the mixture to warm water. Students watched intently as the various colored drops seemed to explode and drift down in thread-like patterns out of the oil and into the water. As a grand finale, Ms. Railey demonstrated how various metal salts emit distinct colors when placed in a flame similar to those seen in firework displays.

Fourth grade students observed the chemical reactions between different metal salts and a heat source— a Bunsen burner. The groups received wooden sticks, each saturated with a different metal, which reacted by burning with different colors. From their observations, students took notes, then shared and discussed their findings with Ms. Railey and the class.

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