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Older and Younger Students Work Together on a Chemistry Lab
Posted 07/10/2014 11:12AM

This week, students from the fourth and tenth grades worked together in a cross-divisional lesson in the chemistry laboratory. 

Students from Mr. Orlano and Ms. Corsini’s fourth grade class were each paired with a tenth grade student from Ms. Schmidt’s chemistry class.

Their challenge? To separate a mixture, which contained iron filings, sand, salt, and pepper.  Each pair worked together and shared and applied their understanding of physical properties to determine which apparatus to use, including magnets, forceps, balloons, filter paper, and a heat source, in order to separate the mixture into its four substances. 

The collaboration between younger and older students created a lively and stimulating lab experience. Students shared ideas and learned from each other, which enhanced their communication skills and was fun for all involved!


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