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TASIS PE Department Offers the Dynamic Movement Skills Program to Enhance Athletic Performance
Posted 28/05/2014 01:42PM

Upper school students, Kate M., David L. and Cameron B. have been working hard in the Fitness Center recently to improve their running mechanics and to develop their speed using the Dynamic Movement Skills™ (DMS) system, which is now offered through the Physical Education department.  The system is a cutting edge training tool which develops and refines gross motor skills, coordination, agility and quickness in all three planes of motion. Varsity athletes find DMS particularly helpful and use the system to improve running mechanics and speed.

The athletic trio were invited to participate in a running and speed session at the The Running School in Chiswick in May. The Running School is used by elite athletes including, Olympic gold medalists, professional football, rugby, and tennis players. While at the school, students were analyzed for biomechanical efficiency using video and software analysis and tested for their speed by the lead staff at the center.

Verity Ansell, the director of The Running School, said: "Our team had a great time with David, Kate and Cameron, they were a pleasure to coach and worked very hard. I'm glad they enjoyed their time at The Running School."

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