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The New MakerSpace Inspires Creativity and Innovation
Posted 02/11/2016 09:00AM

It has been a busy time in the Lower School MakerSpace! Ms. Dietrich incorporated the key elements of MakerSpace learning in November’s classes. Students used coding, design and thinking challenges, robotics, and engineering processes as they tackled multiple projects.

As the final activity of their Simple Machine Science unit, second grade students were challenged to build a complex machine, made up of at least two simple machines working together, that can move a given object from Point A to Point B. Students discussed plans and made drawings with their partner, constructed their machines, and then tested them and made improvements. The students will be assessed on their efforts, and the project will culminate with a demonstration of the working machines to their classmates.

The third grade have been learning about sound in Ms. Connolly’s science class. During their MakerSpace lesson, students had to use their knowledge of sound to build a unique musical instrument that can play three different pitches. In addition, they were asked to include a mute/muffle to decrease the volume of the sound. The group will continue designing, testing, and making improvements.

Fourth graders were given the challenging task of building a catapult to launch a mini pumpkin as far as possible. The group watched a short video about the Annual “Punkin Chunkin” World Championship Contest held every year in November in the USA. Students then used their iPads to research different types of catapults. With their partners, they planned and designed the machine they think will send the pumpkins the greatest distance.


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