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Well-Being in the Upper School

TASIS The American School in England aims to provide a supportive environment that will allow students to individually fulfill their goals and to meet the challenges of school life.

Upper School Administrators & Counselors

Members of the Upper School Administration set and communicate school policies and coordinate programs and activities. Each is also a classroom teacher and is available to assist and advise you on any aspect of your TASIS life.

Chris Tragas, Head of Upper School, Deputy Head of School

Jason Tait, Director of Pastoral Care (EYFS - 12th grade), Designated Safeguarding Lead

Katie Peacock, Head of Boarding

Stephanie Feo Hughes, International Baccalaureate Coordinator

Uta Reinikainen, Director of Student Activities/CAS

Erika Toren, Director of College Counseling

Maria Vazquez, Upper School Counselor

Upper School Advisory Program

The role of the advisor is to support individual students in all aspects of their life at TASIS. Your advisor is a: teacher, counselor, parent, friend, disciplinarian, model, advisor, listener, and an advocate. Upper school advisors support, encourage, and offer constructive criticism and patience. The advisor-advisee relationship is based upon the advisor’s knowledge and understanding of his/her advisee’s strengths, weaknesses, likes, dislikes, habits, interests, quirks, background, medical issues, and home environment.

College Counseling

The college counselors act as liaisons between the student and the universities, provide guidance about choose a school that matches your aspirations, application details, financial aid, and they generally manage the details of the search/application process. In the fall and spring, students are encouraged to attend local college fairs and meet with university admissions representatives visiting TASIS. The counselors also supervise the college/university entrance testing program.

Upper School Counseling Services

The School Counselor provides a trained listening ear that is never judgmental and always confidential. A counselor will not solve your problems, but rather help you develop the tools for you to solve your problems. This is accomplished by drawing upon your unique emotional and intellectual resources to promote greater self-understanding. Through counseling, students should learn to manage feelings, thoughts and/or behavior and work towards improving self-esteem.

Boarding and Day Prefect Program

Boarding and Day Prefects are selected from among the returning student body through a process of application, recommendation and interview. Their common responsibilities are primarily to engage in peer support of the student body. Prefects are expected to assume a general leadership role in the community and to encourage positive, responsible attitudes in their peers by leading through example. All prefects receive on-going training and support and are qualified to serve as peer helpers. They are an excellent source of peer support within the Upper School.

Dormitory Parents

The role of the Dormitory Parent is to be a caring adult and role model for each student in his or her dormitory. From the veteran TASIS student to a new or younger student, it is essential to have a trusted adult who you can count on. The dormitory is your home; it is the place where you should feel relaxed and comfortable. Of course, there is no absolute formula for achieving this and every dormitory will vary according to personalities. However, each Dormitory Parent will express care and concern for your individual needs, and he/she will serve as a key source of support in your life at TASIS.

The Safe Hands Program for Boarding Students

The TASIS Safe Hands program is an ever-evolving curriculum designed to meet the needs of boarding students in today's diverse world. TASIS acknowledges that growing up in the modern day is a challenge for most young people, and that boarding students at TASIS benefit from a program that guides them through the complexities of their lives.

The Safe Hands program is aims to promote the life skills necessary to move forward in the world and to share knowledge and insights that might not be part of the academic curriculum. The program is delivered outside of the classroom and involves many subjects and issues that are at the cutting edge of discussion in society today.

Student Health and Wellness Guest Speaker Program

During the course of the year, each grade in the Upper School will attend a guest speaker program related to the topics outlined below. The format and content of the presentations will be interactive, grade specific, and tailored to the needs of the students attending. There will be opportunities to meet with our speakers on an individual or small group basis to discuss more personal issues. The following areas will be covered:


Aim: To raise awareness of the role and purpose of Childline as a source of support for students

Online communication

Aim: To raise awareness of how to communicate appropriately on-line and what to do of you are the victim of inappropriate communication

Party Scene

Aim: To raise awareness of the positive aspects and potential pitfalls of this key part of adolescent life

Stretched vs. Stressed

Aim: To recognize when one becomes the other and how to deal with stressful times


Aim: To raise the community’s awareness of healthy eating, eating disorders, and the myths and dangers of dieting.


Aim: To develop understanding about issues surrounding relationships, peer pressure, responsibility for actions, confidentiality, and how to get help.


Aim: To promote improved self-esteem and positive body image among students.

Drugs & Alcohol

Aim: To develop an understanding of the issues related to alcohol and drug use. Specifically: physical and emotional health and addiction.

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