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Special Needs Policy for Admissions

TASIS the American International School in England has limited facilities for students with mild, specific learning difficulties, but will do all that is reasonable to comply with its moral and legal responsibilities, and work within the guidance in force January 2015. The program is meant to accommodate the needs of students who are capable of functioning in the academic mainstream, but require small group or individual attention.

TASIS provides a range of support services from Lower School through Upper School. Areas of support offered include informal screening, academic support, classroom guidance and individual counselling. The Learning Support Team also provides information about community based providers.

TASIS does not offer a full continuum of special education programs. Admission is contingent upon a match between the student’s and family’s needs and the level of service available. For that reason, the admission of any student with mild, specific learning difficulties is determined on a case-by-case basis using multiple sources of information such as school records, evaluations and interviews with students, parents and teachers.

It is important that parents of students who have previously received special services or who believe they may need support contact the Admissions office as soon as possible. Specific information relating to a child in need of learning support will be considered by the administrators and learning support staff who make determinations about admissions.

Admissions Policy

Mild, Specific Learning Difficulties

Accessibility Plan 2017-2020



TASIS has limited support and staffing for students with mild, specific learning difficulties. If particular academic problems encountered by a student, during the course of the year, suggest that he or she may have such difficulties, it is possible to arrange for the student to be tested. Informal screening tests may be carried out to determine whether more comprehensive testing, by an Educational Psychologist (in the UK called a Chartered Psychologist) is needed. If this is the case, parents must pay for such comprehensive assessment. It is also at the discretion of the school as to whether or not Speech, Occupational and/or tutoring sessions are allowed during school time.

Lower School Learning Support

For those students whose learning difficulties are mild enough to allow them to function reasonably well in the lower school classroom, limited additional support services can be arranged on campus. Some students may be withdrawn from their classroom for individual or small group instruction with a Learning Support specialist. On other occasions the Learning Specialists may work with the student within the classroom setting. The specialists work closely with the child’s classroom teacher and parents, as well as with our school counsellor when necessary, to provide a coordinated individualised program which includes the creation of a learning profile.

Middle School Learning Support

Our Learning Support program provides structured learning support for students with mild, specific learning difficulties, and it is intended to assist those students identified as needing extra assistance with their schoolwork. The Learning Support specialist works with students, either individually or in a small group, one or two times a week, typically during a study hall, an elective period or after school. In some cases, the Foreign Language requirement will be deferred to a later academic year in order to give the student he or she requires.

All students considered for the Learning Support program must have educational diagnostic assessments that are current within 3 years.

Upper School Learning Support

Students will be provided with small group or individual academic support sessions set up within the school day.  In some cases, the PE or Foreign Language requirement will be deferred to a later academic year in order to give the student the support he or she requires. Students participating in the Upper School program take mainstream classes, although some students may have a reduced course load in order to schedule learning resource sessions. The Learning Support program emphasises self-management, organisation and the student’s understanding of his or her learning styles.  All students scheduled for learning resource sessions may also supplement their instructional time by using the Learning Support study areas and its resources whenever they have available time.

All students considered for the Learning Support program must have educational diagnostic assessments that are current within 3 years.
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