Sign-up Information

The sign-up period for the October trips runs from May until 20th August 2019, the day before school starts. For planning purposes and to ensure a place on the preferred trip, students should be signed up before the summer break. To comply with UK regulations and for insurance reasons, every student who travels during October travel week needs to actively be signed up, irrespective of whether he/ she is a boarder or a day student. 

Please also read the TASIS England insurance coverage for school trips, the student travel agreement, and the TASIS England cancellation policy, and note that the Head of Upper School is the only person who can excuse Upper School boarding students, Seniors and IB students from participating in the October travel week. Withdrawal requests need to be in writing and will be considered if there is a justified reason. Make sure you have reviewed and discussed the trip options with your child (9th, 10th and non-IB 11th grade students), possibly considering his/her friends' preference; destinations are final once signed up. Please note that no student can repeat the same trip two years in a row, as the objective for 10th and non-IB 11th grade trips is to broaden the students' historical understanding of European history.

  • You will need to provide the passport details the student will be using for this trip. Students who have more than one passport need to provide the details of the passport they entered the country with; the passport that is connected to their UK visa. Students who hold an EU and a non-EU passport, should travel on the EU passport on TASIS school trips. Passports and BRP cards should have at least six months validity left (valid until at least 18 April 2020).
  • The student’s UK residence permit or BRP/ visa card (not necessary for EU passport holders). If the student is moving to the UK, the residence permit/ visa copy should be sent to the Admissions Office as soon as it is available.
  • Names, addresses, and phone numbers of two emergency contacts that can be reached during the October travel week (update your "Family Profile").
  • The family doctor's (GP's) name, address and phone number
  • Private insurance policy number (if relevant)
  • Credit or debit card payment for day students (GBP 1,349) is due together with the online application

After having completed the online sign-up form, you will receive a confirmation on the screen (a thumbs up sign and an automated email) that the application has been acknowledged. If you do not hear from the Educational Visits Coordinator (EVC) otherwise by 5 September, please assume your child has a secured place on the chosen trip. The final trip lists as well as detailed trip information can be viewed on the myTASIS Learning Management System and in the Red Corridor at school from 5 September. There will be three October trip meetings for students and chaperones on 27 Sep, 2 Oct, and 9 Oct 2019, and an optional parent-chaperone trip meeting on 30 Sep 2019.