When You Arrive

Helping you to make sense of things

The Arrivals Hall section of the TASIS transition cycle represents your arrival into the TASIS community, for both parents and students. The first few weeks will be a heady mixture of emotions and, at times, feelings of being overwhelmed. Below is key information about: 

  • Opening days of school
  • Key events for both parents and students
  • A who's who of TASIS, complete with contact details


Transition Seminar Series & New Parent Orientation

These informative seminars for parents address the transition stages of an international move, effects of culture shock, stress responses, and provides tips to help every family member make a successful adjustment. Working spouses are encouraged to attend! TPA sponsors a luncheon following the seminar. 

Networking and Resources Seminar
(The second in a series of three transition seminars sponsored by PIRC)

Are you confused about how to register for the NHS (OR even what NHS is), where to grocery shop, or how to get a mobile phone?  Do you have questions about banking, how to get a drivers license or qualified childcare?  You are not alone!  This seminar provides practical information and tips on life in England and at TASIS.

Please join us and ask any questions you might have about your new life in England! You’ll also receive a valuable reference booklet to take home.

Buddy Family Program

All new TASIS families are assigned a buddy family. The buddy family is available to help the new family adjust to living in the UK and to life at TASIS, and to be another source of information and support, should you feel lost in transition.  Typically, buddy families will have children of a similar age and gender as the new family.

Additional Support for New Parents

  • The counselor introduces herself at the PIRC coffee for each division.
  • The counselor reaches out to all new parents by phone or in person.
  • Lower School parents receive a packet from the lower school secretary with information specific to the Lower School. This packet includes information on lower school teachers, as well as details on volunteering in the Lower School.

PIRC Library

  • Located in the athletics complex, opposite the Sports/Activities Office (up the stairs, turn right)
  • Hours: Open every day during the school day (unless in use for a meeting)
  • Use the honor system to check-out  these incredible resources, it’s easy! 

The PIRC Library has many books on topics relevant to parents/expats/newly relocated families: stages of development, learning challenges, college preparation, obtaining a U.K. driving license, eating disorders, expat life, travel, and fun activities to share with your family here in the U.K. And they are all available to you!


FABS: Families Assisting new Boarding Students

To help ease the transition to life away from home new boarders will be given the opportunity to be welcomed by a family. We will recruit FABS families on the basis of the demand of the new students willing to enrol for this program. Should we fail to find enough families, younger students will be given priority. The FABS family provides a welcome gift bag at the beginning of the school year,  establishes a connection with a home-cooked meal within the first two months of the school year, and an exam-cram care package for December

Lower School

New-student lunch groups are held at the beginning of the year with the Lower School counselor, and run throughout the year as new students enter.

Middle and Upper School

Students meet twice in each semester as a group

To help you through the opening weeks of school, we have included a detailed list of events below. If you are new to TASIS England and wish to have a tour of the school with your children, the Admissions Office would be delighted to help; please call the office and arrange a time for a visit to the?campus. We hope this list helps you in the first few busy days of the school year.